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Finnslawpart2 bill date 23rd October 20

Todays blog is most probably the most passionate blog I've written so far.

For those of you not familiar with Finn law I'll explain.... Finn was one of our police dogs, trained to protect us the public from harm and his work colleagues on duty. In 2016 whilst on duty he was stabbed in the head and chest, The suspect was only charged with criminal damages for those horrific injures to Finn. Chris Lodder finns partner and owner set up a private members bill called Finnslaw which was past in parliament 2019 but the maximum sentence for cruelty was 6 months, which all of us will agree is not enough so Finns law part two (cruelty to all animals as well as service dogs) was put together to increase the sentence to 5 years.

The bill was put forward in June this year but due to the pandemic is was deferred to October the 23rd. In that time was have managed to gain information on which MP's voted to pass the bill and others that I'm sure were missed or the information was wrong.

So to all my animal lovers out there lets help Finn and Chris get this Bill passed for every animal that we look after and have a responsibility for.

Thanks to a great article in Dogs Today Magazine you can find a list of MP's in your area that must have been missed off the voted list back in June and we can kindly contact them to make sure they are voting for better deterrents for animal cruelty in the UK. lets take Britain off the lowest maximum sentence compared to the rest of the world List. Lets be the leader for once instead of the follower.....

Thank you to Bristol East: #kerryMcCarthyparliament, Bristol North West #DarrenJonesparliament , Bristol West #ThangramDebbonaireparliamen

Unfortunately I can't see Bristol South #KarinSymthparliament on the voted list so I'm sure Karin will let us know that's not right and she fully supports her constituency in Bristol.

REMEMBER THE NEW DATE 23RD OCTOBER 2020. AKA #finnslawpart2.

(copyrights picture form Finnslaw official website)

Good Luck Chris and Finn xxxx

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