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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Today is the day! It has been a long journey but to have a novel idea and then watch it grow into a brand feels amazing. Now, all my fellow dog parents/owners/best friends can add a little bit of glamour and simplicity…OK at least the convenience when scooping the poop. No more trying to hunt for a bag because there it is, right on your wrist! It makes those "I'm sure it was here somewhere”, searching days disappear. Yes, it means you can keep an eye on your best buddy, whilst having the bag ready.

I had this idea because as fur parents of four dogs, my partner Rob and I had to keep track of two each or in some cases all four of them, when I was walking them on my own. As many owners of more than one dog know, they seem to go in sync; so, trying to find bags in pockets, bags on leads and other hidden places is often a struggle. I frequently found myself doing the classic Circle of Poop dance, where I ended up frantically searching for the deposit, whilst trying to keep an eye on four dogs wandering in different directions. THAT WAS IT! I decided to tie four bags to my wrist, under my watch and when talking to other dog owners whilst out walking, I was able to quickly whip one off, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the poop and the dogs. How easy was that?! What if I could make a wrist band bag holder?

So here I am, launching the Your Barking Right™ wrist band poop bag holder. We're in the process of going through the IPO design for some other exciting new products too. I cannot wait to tell you more in my next post.

#petpoobagholder #wristband

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