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Our new ranges and how we name them, Misty the Staffordshire bull terrier range (in store soon)

So this is Misty (aka Misty Moo) and her wheels. This amazing lady was found wondering the streets, she was rescued and taken into care.

Annamarie feel in love with little lady and she joined a loving home along side a big brother called Beazley (gorgeous smiley boy). Misty instantly bonded with Mr B and would sit on him every time I saw them.. If you could see the amount of tennis balls she has you would think it was Wimbledon and she always has one in her mouth.

Her super squirrel skills can find a squirrel anywhere! and she use to run like the clappers with a waggy tail.

Unfortunately her baby brother fell ill to cancer and she had to say her goodbyes, But like a trooper she looked after Annamarie through this terrible time and was always their with that staffy smile.

Now she has a new brother called Walter who's a Staffy cross and she showing him the ropes.

As you can see Misty is in her later years ,16 yrs old Annamarie thinks, and she still has the zest for life even though she's unwell and very old. I think she's a great ambassador for my new Staffordshire bull terrier range, she's a Star Saviour and a truly loved little lady.


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Please note our Christmas closing times for 2021. Have s great Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year Love Charley and the team xx

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